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Cincinnati Reds = Janitors

Posted on: May 22, 2008 12:25 pm

Just when you think the Reds are rockin' it and going to jump back into the playoff hunt, we go and visit L.A.  We have now lost the last 9 games that we have played against the Dodgers, and just a mere 3 days after winning 6 in a row and sweeping two first place teams, the Reds go and get swept.  The Reds really lacked fundamentals the last 3 games.  Errors, baserunning, and timely double plays killed this series.  We got decent pitching preformances out of Cueto, Arroyo, and Belisle, but we just couldnt muster up the fielding or offensive numbers to back them up.  Peyton Manning best summed it up with this quote "Your defence is offensive".  Some of the throws that were made were just plain silly, and i know the wind was circling very heavy last night, or so George Grande let us know about 20 times during the broadcast, but i didnt see the Dodgers having that big of a problem out there.  With this big stint of 3 losses, should we lose even one to the Padres, i believe you will see wholesale changes coming to this team.  The Padres, no offence to your fans, have been the worst team in baseball this year, and they are banged up beyond belief.  We wont be facing Peavy or Young this series, while our 3 best pitchers right now are going.  NO EXCUSES!

Do you hear that? Thats the sound of old age and pressure coming down on Ken Griffey Jr.  Its been nearly a month since his last homer, and for a guy that used to hit 40-50 in a year, to have only 4 homers though almost 2 months of baseball is depressing. Griffey was one of my favorite players growing up, and is still one of my favorite players today, but I do not believe he is capable of being a number 3 hitter in this lineup.  I hope its just something thats wrong with him and he just needs to spend a little time on the DL to get back to his old self, but the fact that hes only putting up a .250 average means he should be lower in the order in favor of guys like Votto or Phillips in that position.  Im sure its not helping Griffey any that fans are jumping down his back through his struggles and the production and calls for Jay Bruce keep increasing.

Speaking of Jay Bruce, I am going to be one to jump on the bandwagon.  Seeing the numbers that Bruce is putting up in AAA is just astonishing.  The kid is going to be a superstar.  The way every Reds fan talks about him here, i have to believe that if he were on the All-Star ballot, he would be going there this year instead of Griffey.  As much as im excited about this year still(ya i know i have false hope),  Im very excited about next year.  Imagine this young team:
Catcher: TBD(My vote right now is for Bako if he stays)
1B: Joey Votto 25 years old
2B: Brandon Phillips 27 years old
3B: Edwin Encarnacion 25 years old
SS: Jeff Keppinger 28 years old
LF: Adam Dunn 29 years old
CF: Jay Bruce 21 years old
RF: Todd Frazier 22 years old
Comebine that with the young pitching staff we have, and this team is young and ready to be the new age Big Red Machine.

NBA playoffs have started, and theres really not a good team for me to root for.  Spurs won it last year and have won it umpteen times in the last 5 years.  The Lakers have won it recently and still have Ko-me on their team.  The Celtics have bought the players that they need for the title. And the pistons, well there a team from Michigan and we know nothing good ever comes out of there (Go Blow!)  My playoff pick right now is the Boston Celtics.  Garnett, Pierce, and Allen are all good guys and i would like to see the Boston Three Party pull it out.  They did beat the Cavs so they have my respect for the playoffs.  I predict a Lakers vs. Celtics finals with the Celtics in 6.

Odell Thurman was released by the Bengals recently.  This is one subject ive waited to see on what would develop, and its safe to say right now that a move like this makes me ashamed to be a Bengals fan.  I understand the guy has had problems, but you kept him on the team through 2 years of suspensions cause he has a boat load of talent.  Yet when he loses probably the single most important figure in his life in his grandmother, and spends time with his family mourning, you cut him because he wouldnt attend a VOLUNTARY workout?  Last time i check, Chad Johnson missed it, and has been nothing but a distraction this whole offseason calling out most of the team, but you will put up with him?  A cancer in the locker room will kill you more than a previous cancer out of it.  I have nothing but the best wishes for Odell, and i hope he ends up on a team like the Chargers that will utilize him and turn him into a beast.  This Bengals move baffles me, and will for a long time, especially if he becomes a pro bowler.

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Posted on: May 23, 2008 4:24 pm

Cincinnati Reds = Janitors

With this big stint of 3 losses, should we lose even one to the , i believe you will see wholesale changes coming to this team.


Jeb, unfortunately, the Reds do have that one loss to the Padres, and, after last night's performance, the weekend could be more of the same. We will see what happens when the Reds get back to the Queen City. Wholesale changes, or more SS DD? Stay tuned, Reds fans!

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